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Rabia El Basri


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Charlotte Brönte


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Makhosazana Xaba

Brakpan 2002

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Lady Mary Chudleigh

To The Ladies

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sluit tekst
- Geboren 1656
- Dochter uit welgesteld gezin van artsen en militairen
- Moet zichzelf onderwijzen want geen officiële opleiding: is autodidact in theologie en filosofie en natuurwetenschappen.
- Wordt lady Chudleigh vanwege huwelijk 1674 met sir George Chudleigh
- Krijgt 6 kinderen
- Als schrijfster en denker is ze geïnspireerd door Mary Astell. Vanaf die tijd schrijft ze feministische literatuur en essays. Haar speerpunten waren de ongelijkheid in het huwelijk en de onderschatting van vrouwen in het onderwijs.
- Overlijdt in 1710 aan rheumatiek (54 jaar).

To The Ladies
Wife and servant are the same,
But only differ in the name:
For when that fatal knot is tied,
Which nothing, nothing can divide:
When she the word obey has said,
And man by law supreme has made,
Then all that’s kind is laid aside,
And nothing left but state and pride:
Fierce as an Eastern prince he grows,
And all his innate rigour shows:
Then but to look, to laugh, or speak,
Will the nuptial contract break.
Like mutes she signs alone must make,
And never any freedom take:
But still be governed by a nod,
And fear her husband as a God:
Him still must serve, him still obey,
And nothing act, and nothing say,
But what her haughty lord thinks fit,
Who with the power, has all the wit.
Then shun, oh! shun that wretched state,
And all the fawning flatt’rers hate:
Value your selves, and men despise,
You must be proud, if you’ll be wise.


Rosemonde Gèrard

L'Eternelle Chanson

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Anonymous Irish Woman

Still She Cried

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Sarah Teasdale

After Love

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Edna st. Vincent Millay


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Frances Cornford

The Old Witch In The Copse

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Delmira Augustini

Mi Musa Triste

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